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AIT: The Bot Army is Here and the Battle is On!

Once upon a time, there was a company called GOAT that sold designer sneakers online. They had a massive following, a sleek website, and an unbeatable marketing strategy. However, unbeknownst to them, a sneaky group of bots had infiltrated their website, generating fake traffic and wreaking havoc.

These bots were part of a larger “bot army” created by bad actors who wanted to get their hands on some of the money flowing towards A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS. As more and more businesses around the world realize the benefits of using A2P SMS, the A2P messaging world has become a lucrative target for fraudsters.

Fake traffic generated from genuine websites and apps is becoming increasingly common, and it’s crucial to put up stiff resistance to combat this growing threat. Fraudsters are using legitimate online services, such as GOAT’s, to generate fake traffic using countless bots. As a result, many organizations are left with substantial financial losses, destabilizing the A2P SMS market, and raising a significant question about the future of A2P SMS as a trustworthy channel.

But don’t worry, dear readers. The fight against the bot army is underway, and there are ways to push back. Jawwal, a Palestine-based telecommunications company, suffered an AIT (Artificial Inflation of Traffic) attack in 2022. Nevertheless, the company detected the fraudulent traffic thanks to the VOX360 ATF (Artificial traffic firewall) feature and block it.

Businesses must take proactive measures to identify and stop AIT traffic to prevent similar incidents. This entails implementing real-time traffic monitoring and collaborating with dependable service providers and mobile network operators with robust anti-fraud measures. At Vox Solutions, we believe that machine learning algorithms are an effective way to detect and prevent AIT attacks.

The battle against the bot army is not just a fight for businesses, but for the entire A2P SMS ecosystem. 

Watch the recorded webinar, where we explain what AIT is, the real-life consequences of this fraud for stakeholders across the A2P ecosystem, why it is a massive threat, and how to stop it in its tracks. Let’s work together to protect the integrity of A2P SMS and keep businesses safe from financial harm.

In conclusion, the bot army is a real threat, but with vigilance and proactive measures, we can defeat them. Let’s unite and fight for a fraud-free A2P SMS industry.

Take action today and protect your business from AIT attacks. Watch the recording and learn how to safeguard the integrity of A2P SMS. Together, we can defeat the bot army and keep our industry free from fraud.

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