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Flash Call (A2P Voice) volume will increase by 25 times from 2022 to 2026!

Juniper Whitepaper

Juniper Research and the VOX Carrier Group have partnered to create a whitepaper tackling the new topic of flash calls (A2P Voice) being introduced by OTTs, their impact and strategies for capitalizing the trend, for both operators and enterprises.

Hong Kong SAR, 26 January 2022: Juniper Research, one of the most reputable telecom-focused research companies in the market and VOX Carrier, the only player capable of helping MNOs monetize flash calls (A2P Voice) at this point in time, have partnered to launch the first whitepaper in the industry discussing the introduction of flash calls for OTP and 2FA use cases, their market size and growth, their advantages to A2P SMS, as well as opportunities for both MNOs and enterprises.

Key findings include:

  • Flash call verification (verification through OTT missed call) is here to stay, as an OTP and 2FA method.
  • Flash calls (A2P Voice) are more cost-effective and provide better safety and customer experience for customers, vs. A2P SMS, creating a clear incentive for enterprises to adopt it.
  • The market size of flash calls is estimated to be of 5 bn calls in 2022, growing 25+ times over next years, reaching 128 bn calls in 2026 (128% CAGR).
  • The current technology stack of MNOs does not allow them to identify and charge Flash Calls, meaning they must forge new monetization partnerships to prevent revenue loss.
  • With the appropriate solution (such as that of VOX Carrier), MNOs can turn A2P Voice into an additional revenue stream, while still protecting A2P SMS traffic.

Flash calling, the process in which users’ profiles are verified via a missed phone call, is an emerging form of user authentication, such as OTPs (One-time Passwords), already backed by OTTs (i.e.: WhatsApp, Telegram, IMO, Viber, etc). This is to leverage the high mobile penetration worldwide a method of identifying users for brands and enterprises.

This has also been the case with A2P SMS, with an increasing number of such messages terminated globally. However, as brands and enterprises are aim to minimize the costs of their authentication process, flash calling will provide a disruptive element. Regarding the size of the segment, Juniper Research estimates that “2022 will bring approximately 5 bn such calls globally, with the volume increasing 25+ times over the next years, hence reaching 128 bn yearly calls in 2025”, said Sam Barker, Head of Analytics & Forecasting at Juniper Research (translating to 20 such calls per capita, given the population with smartphones, hence becoming a significant stream of revenue for MNOs).

However, the edge of flash calling does not only rely on its lower costs. For example, flash calling enables higher customer experience due to less friction. Moreover, flash calls are more secure, as there is no content to be intercepted or manipulated, making the use case specifically rewarding for players in the Payments and Financial space.

The whitepaper concludes that it is key for both enterprises and MNOs to prepare for capitalizing on the flash calling phenomenon. Without action and as it stands, operators do not possess the technology to identify, bill or invoice these services. As missed calls do not impose a cost, MNOs must leverage new technology in order to create an environment to fully monetize flash calls. At this point, while this technology is scarce, there are certain players in the market able to help MNOs turn A2P Voice into an additional revenue stream. “At this point, VOX Carrier is the only company to provide a functional solution for A2P Voice monetization, helping MNOs create a complete environment for A2P Voice, from identification, to billing and bypass mitigation”, said Ehsan Ahmadi, founder and CEO of Vox Carrier. The company’s solution impact is already proven, increasing A2P revenue of its customers by a minimum of 240% up to  in only 1 year.

The whitepaper can be downloaded freely here.  

About VOX Carrier:

The VOX Group stands at the crossroad of the Technology & Telecommunication space, present in the market for over 11 years. The company’s aim is to improve, simplify & optimize International Voice & Messaging, using the latest innovations in technology. In terms of services, VOX has a portfolio of powerful solutions that serve MNOs in A2P messaging, Voice & Flash call monetization and aggregation. For the enterprise segment the company focuses on as A2P messaging, A2P & P2P Voice, while also providing solutions focused on Cloud Communications. The company has an established customer base throughout its service portfolio, working with some of the largest MNOs, such as TIM, Deutsche Telekom, Telstra, MTN and Beeline

For MNOs, in the areas of Flash Calls (Voice A2P), the company is focused both on monetization, being the only company in the market with such a solution, and also aggregation. As the only player in the market to have such a solution, the company has recently won the Global Carrier Awards for Best Anti-fraud Innovation, hosted by Capacity Media (having done so also in 2019).

About Juniper Research:

Juniper Research specialises in identifying and appraising new high growth market sectors within the digital ecosystem. Market sizing and forecasting are the cornerstones of our offering, together with competitive analysis, strategic assessment and business modelling. To learn more, get in touch at

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