White Paper Protecting A2P SMS revenues

Protecting A2P SMS revenues in the roaring 20's

Studies show that between 2020-2024, revenue leakage to grey routes remains unacceptably high, with a cumulative loss of $37.1 billion, or an annual average leakage of $7.69 billion for MNOs.

The research says that by 2015, one-quarter of mobile operators were actually monetizing A2P SMS traffic, with 49% of these experiencing year-on-year growth of between 6% to 36% in A2P SMS traffic. At the opposite end of the messaging spectrum, MNOs that were not monetizing A2P SMS traffic was experiencing big increases in unauthorized grey-route A2P SMS traffic. By the end of 2015, grey route traffic still accounted for 65% of total A2P SMS traffic.

Mobilesquared Research says:

  • Of the almost 2 trillion A2P SMS projected to be sent in 2024, just under one-quarter of these will be via grey routes
  • The total opportunity for A2P SMS could reach $27.48 billion in 2024 (based on 100% white route traffic)
  • As we entered the second decade of A2P SMS business messaging, 48% of mobile operators were yet to have deployed a next-generation SMS firewall

Read how the MNOs are planning to continue fight fraud and manage grey-route A2P SMS traffic. Learn how new generation technology is helping to monetize leaking revenues and how Vox Carrier solution could help increase MNOs revenues with a modern business model for the next decade.


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