Multiple businesses use P2A SMS for silent 2FA authentication. For some MNOs, such traffic accounts for 20% of international A2P SMS volumes, which goes unmonetized. VOX360 helps identify P2A SMS traffic utilized for authentication and turns it into a fully monetizable channel. Get in touch to find out more!

Vox Carrier CPaaS Solution

P2A SMS Monetization

P2A authentication and its benefits

P2A Messaging (person-to-application) is the process of sending SMS by a mobile user to an application. Unlike Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging, it involves the end-user initiating the interaction by sending an SMS message, to business registered numbers such as short codes or long codes. To that end, the process can involve the user or be triggered by apps running on the device, with the message then being sent in the background, without user intervention.

Multiple businesses (such as Apple for iMessage or Facetime) utilize P2A SMS for 2FA purposes, for certain reasons. In summary, the main benefits of this channel over 2FA alternatives are:

  • Reach: P2A SMS leverages on the ubiquity that the SMS channel has, allowing businesses to connect to users globally.
  • Security: With its passwordless format, P2A SMS yields adequate user protection.
  • Frictionless: It allows for optimized conversion as businesses strive for “zero-click” processes, with authentication happening in the background.
Vox Carrier CPaaS Solution

P2A SMS Monetization

Current setup and way forward

Currently, operators face two challenges with respect to P2A SMS. The first is caused by unnoticed artificial traffic fraud, triggering high wholesale costs. In this instance, via hacking, malware attacks, or apps that provide your mobile users money for sending SMS from their device, bulk SMS is generated to predefined numbers. As a result, the operator must suffer increased payment of wholesale costs to other players, which redirect part of funds to the fraudsters generating the traffic.

Secondly, with no official product in place, multiple businesses utilize P2A SMS as a means for 2FA, however with no rate imposed. As a matter of fact, instead of generating revenue for providing an authentication, the originating network (in which the user resides) is subject to costs in order to verify the user.

Vox Carrier CPaaS Solution

P2A SMS Monetization

VOX360 technology

VOX360 is our proprietary, award-winning solution, based on machine learning to identify fraud and help operators monetize traffic. With respect to P2A, it focuses on identifying and stopping artificial traffic before leaving the network, while identifying legitimate P2A traffic and billing the given brands appropriately.

As such, utilizing VOX360 for monetizing P2A SMS generates multiple benefits:

  • Revenue increase: By monetizing legitimate traffic or blocking abusive traffic, operators increase P2A or A2P revenue.
  • B2B offering: A viable alternative for allowing P2A SMS, as opposed to blocking such traffic and forcing businesses to change processes.
  • Cost reduction: Decrease of wholesale costs by elimination of artificial P2A SMS traffic.
SMS solution Vox360

P2A SMS Monetization

Customer journey

Our technology for P2A monetization can be utilized as a standalone solution, or in combination with monetizing A2P SMS and / or A2P Voice traffic. As such, operators can utilize our multi-channel solution (which is unique in the market) and obtain a holistic approach to fully monetizing traffic. In case you have not implemented any of our products yet, the main stages our outlined below:

  • Establish a partnership Solution Implementation

    This entails a free network assessment & market analysis, defining a customized commercial model, and defining high-level solution deployment.

  • Solution Implementation

    Signoff detailed technical deployment, is followed by deployment of the VOX solution including VOX analytics & reporting; configuring the VOX AI engine with as much data as possible (2-4 weeks of traffic learning); apply to filter & protect network; sign-off testing; go live; handover to operation and activate billing.

  • Operation & Support

    This involves 24/7 Monitoring, traffic management; rules management & update; block fraudulent traffic; and incident management. For every client we dedicate a NOC & Fraud Protection Team that performs Systems monitoring, trac monitoring and alarms handling, Management of Firewall, spot fraud & update rules, filters, and more.

  • Operation & Support Partnership & Management

    A quarterly/bi-annual business review (of traffic & pricing) and service review, analysis of escalation management, and change management.

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