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95% revenue increase | CIS region

Success story - CIS region

SOLUTION: the VOX-360 platform empower our Client with an impressive protection against message bypass and potential fraudulent activities, including those originating from artificial traffic inflation.

BENEFIT: 95% revenue increase in the first year of partnership


Through our collaboration, Vox Solutions became the monetization partner of the client, being the exclusive gateway to provide secure and dependable delivery of A2P SMS to the MNO’s clients (incl. global enterprises). The alliance between Vox Solutions and the MNO has been highly lucrative for our client, set to more than triple A2P SMS revenue (growth by more than 95%) in the first 12 months of the partnership. This exclusive partnership empowers secure and high-quality direct termination of A2P SMS international traffic to the MON’s network, which serves almost half of the country’s mobile customers.

Also it enables our Client to control and manage the entry and delivery of all international A2P SMS traffic, therefore minimising fraud while optimising traffic monetization. Fraud is becoming a rapidly growing challenge for mobile operators, estimate that around USD 9 billions is lost per annum to it. Further, issues such as artificial inflation of traffic (AIT) lead to escalated enterprise costs, diminishing the trust of global enterprises in SMS, harming both short and long term revenues for operators. As Vox Solutions’ collaborations are founded upon implementing the company’s proprietary technology to shield the SMS service of MNOs from fraud, our partnership managed to not only increase the revenue of our client, but also improve the security level and user experience of mobile users in the network.


Founded more than 15 years ago, our Client is the only MNO in its country which has been awarded as “Company of the Year” and “The Most Innovative Company of the Year”. The main focus is to ensure the best customer experience to all clients, trying to avoid cases in which customers do not receive SMS due to fraud.

Success Stories from Vox Solutions

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