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Flash Calling

What is flash calling authentication?

The rise of the A2P Voice segment is mainly powered by the enterprise world, constantly looking for new ways for customer verification, especially. Recent history saw the birth of flash calls (A2P Voice), a new move powered by OTT players such as WhatsApp and Telegram, using missed calls for two-factor-authentication.

The edge of flash calling over A2P SMS:

To understand the differences, one must understand how the authentication happens via flash calling – in summary, the code needed for verification is part of the A-number and the OTT app can fetch it automatically from logs. Hence authentication takes place in a frictionless manner, as the user only initiates the process but does not need to interact with the OTP code himself / herself.

To that end, there are few reasons for which enterprises seem flash calling as a viable alternative for 2FA:

  • Security: Flash calling is considered to be more safe, as there is no content that can be manipulated (as it can be the case with SMS)
  • Customer experience: Flash calling can generate better customer experience as the process is frictionless.
  • Price: Currently, flash calling is cheaper than A2P SMS in most markets, however that is only because something is terribly wrong at the given point. The answer to that problem is in the following paragraph.

The problem with flash calling:

While flash calling (A2P Voice) utilizes operators’ voice infrastructure, operators do not get a share of the pie. With zero termination cost for missed voice calls, flash calling is not yet a product to generate revenue for operators. The good part is that it can become one.

With OTT players and enterprise players ready, MNOs stay the remaining players in the chain to prepare for capitalizing on the flash call trend. Nevertheless, operators have two options: block flash calls or monetize flash calls. Each operator is responsible for deciding the optimal strategy, however for one or the other, there is a technological prerequisite.

Technology to address the flash calling trend:

Operators do not have the technology stack to identify and bill flash calls. As a matter of fact, no players do. According to Juniper Research, at the current point in time, 95%+ of flash calling traffic goes unidentified. VOX Solutions has been the first player to roll-out a solution to block or monetize flash calling traffic. To our knowledge, it is still the only solution to turn flash calling into a billable channel while also being the only such solution under client implementation.

Our solution, VOX 360 is a Managed Service, that drives immediate revenue increase by actively monitoring in-out flows, using traffic admission policies, limiting unauthorized service use, while boosting security, compliance, and cost reduction efforts through up-to-date systems, using cutting-edge proprietary AI technologies, industry best practices, and methodologies and dedicated personnel with extensive experience in A2P fraud detection/prevention and monetization.

The issue so far was the lack of a seamless solution for MNOs for allowing to totally control the Flash Calling environment, allowing operators to define related trunks and an associated A2P rate, all whilst rejecting calls coming from other (P2P) trunks. At VOX Carrier, we have the solution for the problem, allowing MNOs from now on to block or monetize flash calls. As a result, operators:

  • Can increase revenue by billing flash calling traffic or by increasing A2P SMS revenue by blocking it (and having A2P SMS return to the network)
  • Can get full control over the channel
  • Can create a monetizable channel for an additional authentication technology, for which the rate can be controlled and that can cater to certain security-first businesses which are not users of A2P SMS at this point in time.

Watch HERE the recorded webinar (hosted by the Mobile Ecosystem Forum – MEF) , where we explain what flash calling is, why it must be addressed, as well as what can be done. Whether you are an enterprise interested to understand how you can utilize flash calling sustainably (without jumping the operators) or an operator looking to tackle flash calling, please reach out below to our sales associates.

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