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GSMA FASG#26 session: Artificial Inflation of Traffic

The generation of fake traffic from legitimate websites and apps is proliferating and stiff resistance is required to halt this building insurgence. Where the money flows so do bad actors intent on getting their hands on a nice chunk of it. And as more money is flowing towards A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS, as millions of organizations around the world switch on to the fact that it’s something ubiquitous and delivers great results when used properly, the world of A2P messaging has become a fat, juicy target.

Bad actors AKA fraudsters are using genuine online services just like yours to generate fake traffic using legions of bots. The result is many organizations left with huge financial hangovers, the A2P SMS market being destabilized and a huge question mark arising over the future of A2P SMS as a legitimate channel.

Watch this session at GSMA FASG#26 moderated by James Williams, Director of Programmes at Mobile Ecosystem Forum, to find out what AIT is, the real-life impact this fraud has on stakeholders across the A2P ecosystem, why it’s a huge threat and how this all can be stopped in its tracks, featuring:

• Teodor Magureanu – Chief of Staff, Vox Solutions
• Morgan Ramsey, Fraud Manager, Vodafone Group
• Stefan Moraru – Mobile Data Sales Manager, Sparkle
• Monica Reyna Kinlock – Wholesale Manager, Nuevatel PCS de Bolivia
• Paul Morris – Senior Product Manager, Vonage
• Ahmed Kalaf – Head of Wholesale & Roaming, Jawwal Palestine

Webinars from Vox Solutions

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