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Did you know that SMS & Voice fraud constitutes more than 2 billions-dollar industry? Shockingly, despite this staggering figure, only half of the MNOs worldwide have implemented effective countermeasures to thwart illegitimate A2P transmission and spam.

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Fraud Market Trend

Did you know that SMS & Voice fraud constitutes more than 2 billions-dollar industry? Shockingly, despite this staggering figure, only around half of mobile operators worldwide have implemented effective countermeasures to thwart illegitimate A2P transmission and spam. As a result, termination of A2P traffic over unapproved (grey) routes is devouring profits. The irony is that the solutions to combat this issue are straightforward, yet they remain underutilized.

A2P SMS traffic has been growing for the last decade, with Juniper Research expecting the volume of this traffic to grow to 4.2 billion in 2027, with a key primary driver being the demand for authentication use cases over SMS.

Juniper Research anticipates that by 2027, AIT will account for 11% of traffic, coming at a cost of $23.4 billion to enterprises. 

AIT is the generation of artificial (fake) traffic from genuine websites and apps. Through this mechanism, fraudsters are using legitimate online service to generate fake traffic using countless bots. This leads to the generation of traffic that is unsolicited by legitimate mobile users for authentication purposes, however increases the bill that enterprises must pay.  Read more here

All information is detailed within the Quantifying the Impact of AIT on Business, the Juniper WhitePaper. Please find here 

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Flash Calling Market Trend

Flash calling control

According to Juniper Research, Flash Calls are expected to reach 128 billion yearly calls in 2026, making it the fastest-growing traffic segment in the market.

We already see 10-20% of the international OTP authorization traffic coming through A2P SMS, already migrated to Flash Calls.

Flash Calling is predicted to disrupt the current OTP market (SMS and Voice/TTS) – there has been a 150% growth in transactions over the last 2 years with a steep acceleration of transactions by 2027 up to +100 billion/year.

Rising fraud sophistication creates demand for higher assurance solutions – fraud attacks have increased by 45% since 2021 while SMS is losing traction as a secure authentication method.

Channel Availability & Cost

  • Aggregators are promoting flash calls to decrease OTT authorization cost.
  • Omnichannel integrators are adding flash calls for the verification process.
  • The authorization cost via A2P Voice Flash Calls (missed calls) is always lower versus A2P SMS – approximately 70% cost saving for enterprises.

It is expected that the volume of flash calls will increase highly, given its cost, but also its customer experience advantage.

 See details here, in The Future of Flash Calling, the Juniper Research White Paper.

SMS A2P Monetization

What is VOX-360?

Solution anti-fraud & monetization

VOX-360 is the company’s multi-award-winning anti-fraud solution, which offers MNOs a simple & powerful approach to stop Voice & Messaging fraud over a single omni-channel platform (unique in the industry). This enables the ability to identify, predict & mitigate fraud. VOX-360 also tackles the growing problem of A2P Voice fraud, removing the need for multiple anti-fraud solutions. The award-winning solution is proprietary to VOX and built by multiple modules, relying at the core on the company’s machine learning algorithms.

An important benefit, and unique on the market, offered by our Messaging Analytics and Firewall is the automated identification of messages, which reduces manual cost for operators. 

The short time taken and the accuracy VOX-360 identifies SMS A2P content and implements protection on grey routes reduce manual effort, ensure quick time to identify A2P patterns and reduce human costs.

Sms grey routes

VOX-360 the best technology platform

Worldwide Recognitions

Recognised as the best solution against Fraud, VOX-360 is a multi-awarded platform:

  • Tier 1 firewall and the Top offer on the market, offering end-to-end monetization solutions – voted by MNOs
  • Best AI/ML Innovation 2023
  • Best Flash Calling Authentication Solution 2022 & 2023
  • Best Solution Provider 2023
  • Best A2P Voice Monetization Solution 2022
  • Best Antifraud Innovation 2019 & 2021

Read more about Vox-360 international recognition here

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