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VOX Carrier and VOX Technologies merge to create an innovation powerhouse called VOX Solutions

The merger of VOX Carrier and VOX Technologies, under a single brand called VOX Solutions, will bring the innovation capabilities of both companies to create the only full end-to-end solution provider in the area of A2P Voice and Messaging monetization.

Hong Kong, June 21, 2022 – VOX today announced it has merged its two existing brands ‘VOX Carrier’ and ‘VOX Technologies’ into a single one called ‘VOX Solutions’. This new structure is reinforcing the company’s goal to provide MNOs, CSPs and Enterprises with simple and easy to implement solutions to optimise, accelerate and secure their voice and messaging businesses through innovative technologies, platforms and processes.

The newly created VOX Solutions is now the one-stop-shop leader in providing end-to-end solutions in the area of A2P voice and messaging monetization. It has so far successfully implemented its monetization solutions in major large mobile operators’ globally and is ready to accelerate this optimization campaign.

Over the past 10 years, VOX has successfully deployed 400+ connections, 5 data centres, 3 R&D centres and has helped over 3 billion people communicate safely. It has also won numerous awards for its antifraud, flash call authentication innovations, A2P voice monetization and mobile identity solution.

“The new VOX Solutions brand and logo stands for limitless flexibility and innovation, two characteristics at the core of the industry’s success. With this change in structure and repositioning, VOX Solutions is better aligned than ever to bring voice and messaging into the future and to become the leading one-stop-shop and trusted partner of CSPs and enterprise worldwide looking for innovative telecom solutions” said Ehsan Ahmadi, founder and CEO of VOX.

VOX has already had multiple success stories and is now looking into the future to continue supporting telecom operators and enterprises with winning strategies. The company now benefits from the complete portfolio of solutions required to help them with the best in breed technology, data, education, people and advice, all this under one roof.

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About VOX Solutions:

The VOX Group stands at the crossroads of the Technology & Telecommunication space, present in the market for over 11 years. The company aims to improve, simplify & optimize International Voice & Messaging, using the latest innovations in technology. VOX has a portfolio of powerful solutions that serve MNOs in A2P messaging, Voice & Flash call monetization and aggregation. 

For MNOs, Vox Solutions is focused on both monetization and aggregation, being the only company in the market offering Flash Calls (Voice A2P) end-to-end solution, called Vox 360,  

The company has an established customer base working with some of the largest MNOs, such as TIM, Deutsche Telekom, Telstra, MTN and Beeline.

For the enterprise segment, Vox Solutions focus on A2P messaging, A2P & P2P Voice, while also providing solutions focused on Cloud Communications. 

Its unique A2P voice monetization solution VOX 360 also won numerous global awards for the antifraud and flash call authentication innovations.

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