White Paper - How to optimally price A2P SMS

How to optimally
price A2P SMS

 Factors to Optimise in Pricing Strategies

In an innovative study conducted in collaboration with VOX Solutions, Juniper Research emphasises the importance of mobile operators reassessing, innovating, and adapting in this rapidly changing landscape to fully leverage the vast potential of the A2P SMS market

New data reveals that in 2022, more than 3 trillion A2P SMS messages were sent worldwide, with a daily average of 8.2 billion messages. Despite these impressive figures, numerous mobile operators have not adopted effective pricing strategies to capitalize on the growing business messaging traffic.

Highlights from Juniper Research:

  • The wholesale pricing for A2P SMS remains unpredictable with disparities across key regions
  • Despite its ubiquity, most Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are yet to optimize pricing, leading to potential revenue losses
  • The evolving A2P landscape requires dynamic pricing strategies that align with regional benchmarks and discern between national and international services
  • The ability to identify SMS use cases, such as OTPs, notifications, and marketing, can aid in more consistent and accurate pricing

In the next five years, while SMS remains important, its share in A2P traffic will decline, but total A2P traffic will grow. Operators must adapt pricing for sustainability.

Download the whitepaper to see the full analysis of SMS Price Factors, and also how our VOX360 simplifies, improves, and optimizes voice and SMS using the latest innovations in technology.

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